Bollywood Jewellery Trends This Season

When you plan to buy gold necklace for women, one of the major worries for you is whether your choice would be in line with the latest trends everyone is following. Because of the ease of online gold jewellery shopping India, you can compare different designs from the comfort of your home. And if you want to keep in step with the latest trends in jewelry, then a perfect barometer of current trends is in the films of the day churned out by Bollywood. As we get through the first half of 2018, let us look at what jewelry trends are being followed in the latest Bollywood productions.

All That Glitters : Perhaps it is a sign of the kind of movies being made, which don’t always include a big Indian wedding, but gold jewelry is passé. We see the female protagonists of our films flaunt other metals like platinum when it comes to jewelry.

Travel Light : The days of gaudy and heavy jewelry are long gone. The designs are less intricate and more practical, making it easy for the wearer to flaunt them at both formal and informal gatherings.

Mix and Match : If you look at the scripts for Bollywood movies today, most of the characters are urbane and well-travelled. They would hardly be women who would pull a veil over their heads and flaunt heavy jewelry through the day. The films of today have women characters who can easily mix light modern jewelry with the traditional ones.

Colors : While yellow was the predominant color for all jewelry, because of the gold being used, we now see a more colorful look in the jewelry worn by Bollywood stars. This is because of the stones used in the jewelry, and also the different metals, fabrics and materials used in the jewelry.