Chettinad Jewellery

When speaking of traditional jewellery in the south, despite which state you are from, chettinad jewellery holds a unique place in your mind. Chettinad jewellery is a part of celebrations of SouthIndian Hindu culture and every piece of jewellery has its own tale to share. Chettinad jewellery designs are a result of generations of mastery passed on by goldsmiths.They clearly display an extensive eye and talent of the goldsmith for detailing.

Chettinad is a place in Tamil Nadu famous for its heritage and has even been listed in UNESCO’s nomination for places of historic and cultural value. The land is famous for its fashion, cuisine and architecture. It is also called a land of temples, with a large number of Hindu temples built by early Tamil dynasties like the Cholas. The influence of the temples are quite evident in their fashion and jewellery as well.

Chettinad jewellery are mostly temple jewellery styled. The gold necklace designs are mostly antique and hand crafted, and are heavy jewellery with intricate designs. Chettinad necklaces, bangles and rings are often seen featuring designs or patterns of Hindu deities and goddesses as well. In latest Chettinad necklaces precious stones like rubies and emeralds are also embellished. These classic royal colors further adds richness to the designs.

The Chettinad necklace is a style statement and a show stopper. A single necklace completes the bridal look. The necklace looks best with the traditional pattusaree. As beautiful as it is as a single piece it also goes well accompanied by other chains. For a complete traditional bridal look, one has to accompany chettinad necklace with chettinad bangles and earrings as well.

A Chettinad necklace is a must have for every south Indian bride. The gold necklace antique design is a timeless piece of jewellery and will retain its beauty generations later too. So go get your one of a kind Chettinad necklace and pass it along to your daughter and her daughter and so on and cherish it as a family heirloom.


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