How To Identify Fake Gold and Silver Coins?

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About all bullion investors worry about the purity of the metal they are buying and counterfeits. The worry is just multiplied if you are buying for the first time or adopting the new digital age gold jewellery online shopping method. Fortunately making fake gold and silver coins is not easy and there are very simple low budget ways to determine if your gold or silver is genuine. Here are a few tests to find fake:

Size and weight

Fakes that weigh correct will be too large in diameter or too thick. They might also be underweight to get the right diameter and thickness. Just comparing the diameter and thickness of the coin will let you know the genuineness.

Float and rust test

Drop your gold in water. Fake gold will float. Real gold is heavy and it will sink and will not rust.

Skin test

If your skin experiences discoloration while wearing the jewellery like gold bangles for women, it is not real gold. Some gives black and green discoloration indicating fake gold.

Stamp Test

Check for a small stamp along with the manufacturer’s stamp in an unseen place that indicates the purity in case of gold jewellery.

Sound or “Ping” Test

Authentic gold and silver coins chime when struck as compared to a base metal coin that sounds duller. Some Android and iPhone apps like CoinTrust and Bullion Test listen to the sound when the coin is struck, via a microphone and instantly gives an accurate result if the coin is fake or genuine.

Magnet Test

Gold and silver are non-magnetic and hence sometimes a simple magnetic test will let you catch a fake.

Acid Test

Some acids can change the color of your bullion coins; however take care as this discoloration might be permanent hence scarring your expensive jewellery.