Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends

As we step into the second half of 2018, what are the trends we observe in bridal jewellery choices in India? Which way are the choices shaping up this year? Let us take a quick peek into the trends that caught our eye.

Home Shopping

Purchasing jewellery has always been a touch and feel exercise, with people spending hours at jewellery stores to find just the piece they were looking for. But with trusted jewellery brands investing in their online presence today, more than one in ten customers buy their Indian gold jewellery online. You can easily buy 22 carat gold jewellery online without any fear of getting shortchanged.

Diamonds are forever

While gold remains the firm favorite, yet an increasing number of customers are going for other metals like platinum which give a classier look. But in the matter of stones used in Indian bridal jewellery, diamonds still remain the top favorite.

Temple Jewellery

Many jewellery designers are taking inspiration from the intricate designs on ancient Indian temples, just like textile designers have been doing for years. The base metal for such designs is gold, of course, but the jewellery is also embellished with semi-precious and precious stones like emerald (green) and ruby (red) to add a dash of color to the designs.

Wedding Bands

Indian brides are going for thick wedding rings this year. This helps them to pair the rings well with their Western dresses they plan to wear during the other programs of their wedding week.

Traditional Pieces

The woman of 2018 has come a long way and is embracing many modern trends in clothes, shoes and jewellery. But in 2018 we also saw that some traditional designs and pieces have made their presence felt, like the multi-layer necklace, the headband (mathapatti), the waistband (cummerbundh), tiklis (maang teekas), or even the choker. The more things change, the more they remain the same.