Indian Earrings Trends

There are trends in everything, from clothes to sunglasses and even in jewelry. But when it comes to earrings, there are some styles which are timeless and stay trendy at all times. We browsed through a large number of social media discussions on earring photographs and made a list of four earring gold jewelry designs that were most talked about.

Jhumkas : These are one of the cutest and most popular designs for earrings which can pair well with mostly traditional Indian clothes. The basic design of a jhumka is in two parts, with the lower part always being in the shape of an umbrella. These are pretty ornate to look at, so one should avoid wearing them to work, but at a party or a wedding, they are a must-have.

Baalis : These are very attractive earrings which usually have a circular shape and contain embedded semi-precious and precious stones.

Dejhoor : This is a design that comes to us from Kashmir. At first glance, it might look like something to adorn your neck instead of your ears. But this is one of the most elegant earring designs. It has the earpiece as designed, but it also has a longish tail which is wound around the ear and then left to hang free.

Hair Chains : This is one of the most complex designs you will see, where the earpiece has several chains coming out of it and getting breaded into the hair. This one is not a casual or office wear design, and you should be using it for marriages or very formal occasions.

When you log on to buy 22 karat gold jewelry online, you can check out several variations of the above designs and take your pick of the one that suits you best.