Investing in Gold

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Gold is one of the oldest and safest investment solutions with a huge potential to increase your earnings. From the very orthodox method of buying jewellery, in the past few decades many new ways of investing in gold have been developed in the economy.

Ways to invest in gold

Buying Jewelley

This is the most traditional and popular method for investing in gold. Online gold jewellery purchase options have become widely popular as e-shopping plays major role in purchase of pendants, earrings and gold rings for women.

Buying gold coins/bars

You can invest in gold coins and bars by buying them from a jewellery or a bank hence ensuring their quality and purity.


Investing in e-gold is just like investing in shares, where the gold is kept in electronic or demat format. This is suited ideally for people who want to invest in smaller denomination and saves on insurance and locker cost.

Gold ETF

Gold Exchange Traded Fund is a type of mutual fund that invests in gold. Gold ETFs are purchased by opening a demat account and its units are listed in stock exchange.

Advantages of Investing in Gold

Less volatile price variations

The gold market stays on high for a long period of time and has shown positive results in times of economic volatility as compared to other investment options.

Easy liquidity and portability

Gold can easily be converted to cash equivalents and can be easily transferred from one place to another. The strong global market demand for gold makes it extremely easy to liquidate it anywhere across the world.

Easy start

Gold investment can be started off with very small amount of money and can be used as a slow constant method of saving.

To conclude, investing in gold has many advantages and helps diversify your portfolio as an investor.