How to Style Right Necklace for Your Appearance

Earrings and bangles are important elements of a woman’s jewellery purchase, but it is a fact that when we look at a woman, the first item of jewellery that catches our eye is the neck-piece she is wearing. Be it an elegant and slim necklace, or a complicated multilayer necklace, or even the all-enveloping choker, a necklace is the most important part of a woman’s jewellery set. Let us look at some of the most popular materials and designs used in necklaces.

  1. Gold : This is of course the most popular material used to make necklaces. You could choose from slim and elegant designs to the heavy traditional designs. Some ladies prefer the perennial favorite ‘choker’, while others are into more contemporary designs like flowers or multi-threads. You can easily buy gold jewellery online, and choose your favorite gold necklace for women from the designs displayed on those websites.
  2. Pearls : This is one of the most elegant type of necklaces available. Pearl necklaces can be purchased in a variety of colors, but the timeless elegance of white is the most popular. One must know how to select the genuine pearls, and one easy way to ensure this is to check if the pearls in your necklace are all symmetrical and perfectly shaped, in which case they are most likely to be machine made.
  3. Scarabs : This kind of design comes to us from Egypt, and is made primarily of stones and beads strung together.
  4. Wood : Primarily designed in Africa, these wooden beads are strung together to provide chunky and colorful neckpieces which can work very well on any festive occasion.
  5. Fabric : Beads of different sizes are prepared by binding together multicolored fabrics, and then several of these are strung together to give a funky necklace which is pleasing to the eye and easy to wear.