Tips to find the perfect engagement ring

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Finding the perfect engagement ring is one of most important and exciting initial step to starting the lifelong journey with your soul mate. But with the emerging trend of gold jewellery online shopping, an abundant amount of options are available for you to choose from. Here are few tips to find the perfect ring:

Establish Budget

Before you approach any jeweler or turn to online ring shopping for your perfect partner, you must have an idea about the price range. Usually, embellishments like diamond and engraving will add to the cost. So factor that into your budget, if you planning to personalize the rings.

Choose a metal

From platinum to rose and yellow gold, there are a plenty of options when it comes to buying a ring. Though gold rings for women are hugely popular, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Decision can be made based on likeability, everyday usability and even your skin tone.

Select a shape

There are so many stone shapes to choose from especially when it comes to diamonds. If you are looking for a sparkle, you will love princess or round cut. If you want a unique rock look, then go for pear, oval or heart.

Select a ring setting

A ring’s setting is the way in which the stone is placed on the ring. There are many options available like Tiffany, Bezel and Eternity band. The final choice is mainly up to personal preference and what looks pretty on you.

Find her ring size and personal choices

If you are planning on a surprise, try to find her size by trying and getting a ring she is not wearing. Also personal style and preferences play a major role in finding the correct ring. Consider if she likes simple jewellery, is she glamorous or does she have a distinct personal style.

Ultimately a reliable and trustworthy seller with a good reputation, can give you personalized service in finding your perfect engagement ring.