Understanding Uncut Diamonds

The summer vacation is here and so are all the weddings. Every wedding season there are some distinct styles and trends that steal the show. This summer no matter whose wedding it is, you cant escape the latest trend of uncut diamond jewellery. Those beautiful pristine stones placed in heavy antique jewellery.  The big fat Indian wedding demands and deserves big beautiful uncut diamond jewellery. Though we all love and dote on uncut diamond jewellery, a lot of us are still unsure what they are exactly. Let’s clear those doubts and polish up our knowledge of uncut diamonds.

Uncut diamonds are the most pristine form of diamonds. It hasn’t undergone any polishing or cutting to enhance its light properties. Thus it can essentially be called as an ‘untouched’ diamond. Though the shine is lesser, their larger size and cheaper per carat price make them equally attractive. The price comes down mainly because they haven’t undergone expensive expert cutting or polishing. That is exactly why we can buy uncut diamond necklaces with the raisin sized stones, where as we can only dream of such a necklace in diamonds.

Uncut diamonds are seen in colours ranging from white to brown. White is the purest and brown the most impure. Though the highly impure ones are used for industrial cutting and other purposes, the yellow semi pure ones are used in jewellery. The more tinted the diamond is the cheaper they are. A diamond’s price also drops significantly with any superficially visible flaws on it.

Uncut diamonds are most often seen in necklaces. The most desired uncut diamond jewellery are polki designed ones. Polki uncut diamond necklaces are heavy royal jewellery that can completely transform your look. They have their origin in the Mughal Era. One such piece alone would complete your bridal look. We also see a lot of chunky bangles with uncut diamonds and other precious stones like ruby and emerald giving it a truly royal look. Though uncut diamonds have been traditionally being used in truly ethnic designs, nowadays we see them being featured as centre stones for simple casual diamond jewellery. Recently we are also seeing a rise in semi antique designs with a contemporary twist increasingly using semi polished or slight cut ‘uncut’ diamonds. This enhances the shine of the diamond without compromising much on the size.

If you are planning on buying a beautiful uncut diamond necklace set, make sure to do so after considering multiple design. It’s a piece to treasure and something that isn’t meant to be simply kept inside a locker, but meant to be worn and flaunted. So not only should you be looking at how it will look with your wedding attire but also how far you can use it later for smaller functions. We at Chungath have a large collection of beautiful uncut diamond jewellery at our online store. Browse through our large collection with clear details, pricing and images and make your purchase at the comfort of your home.

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