What is ‘IN’ in Diamond Jewellery!

As classy and eternal as diamond jewellery is, there is some new trend coming in every year. So while buying diamond jewellery online give as much importance to the design and style of the piece as much as you would give to the 4Cs- cut, clarity, colour and carat. Here is a sum up of all the trends of 2017 in diamond jewellery.

While discussing diamond jewellery here, we are primarily discussing about simple and elegant daily wear and not grand statement pieces. While it is still chic as was ten years ago and will be ten years from now to sport beautiful diamond drop earrings, a stylish pendant and a platinum ring with diamond, there are trends that make you stand out from the crowd.

Every year or season has some preferred metals, styles, stones, shapes etc. This year the metal of choice is rose gold. Rose gold with diamonds or a combination of rose gold with other coloured metal like gold, platinum, white gold etc. are stealing the hearts of the trendy and stylish. We are also seeing affordable diamond placements like the halo setting standing shoulder to shoulder with solitaires, by giving almost the same shine and effect without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Another budget friendly trend in diamonds is the use of coloured gem stones as centre pieces with smaller diamonds accompanying it. The relatively inexpensive gem stones gives size to the piece while the diamonds add the glitter and glam. Even the shapes of jewellery is getting unconventional this year with square shaped platinum rings with diamonds, side view diamond necklace sets, pear shaped  diamond drop earrings etc.

Yet another trend is that of band rings being stacked one on top of another to give a grander look. Mixed metal rings, twisted rings and other out of the box shaped rings are finding their way into these trendy stacks