Chungath Jewellery Customer Gold Club

The Gold Club Member scheme allows you to earn point on each purchase. Every gram of gold purchased earns a point and get credited to your Gold Cub Card. Once your point crosses the 300 mark, you will be eligible to redeem your acquired points. Each 300 points will worth a value gift set.

Chungath Jewellery gold plus

The Chungath gold plus is a popular gold saving scheme by instalment payment programme ,ideally suited for monthly salaried families. Every time the instalment amount is deposited in the scheme, gold worth the amount calculated at the current rate is credited in the account. On successful completion of the instalments , gold ornaments worth the accumulated sum is given to the customer with special discounts on making charge and allowing special bonus interest. To facilitate easy payment of instalments, special scratch cards of convenient denominations have been introduced through selected outlets. Payments can be effected through banks and credit cards.

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