Chungath Rate Booking Scheme

Overpower the price fluctuations in Gold!

Chungath Jewellery’s Rate Booking Scheme is one of the best jewellery purchase scheme introduced ever!

You can book your gold ornaments by paying a small advance amount! In this scheme, you can book gold for 1 to 12 months at the current rate and you can redeem your gold jewellery from the respective Chungath Jewellery branch where you made your booking.

One main benefit of this scheme is that you don’t have to pay more even if the gold rate has increased from what you paid at the time of booking. In case, the gold prices decreases, you can avail your gold ornaments at the reduced rate. It means, you get more gold than what you paid for!

InstalmentsAdvance Amount to be paid
One Month 30% of the gold ornament
Three Months 50% of the gold ornament
Six Months 80% of the gold ornament
12 Months 90% of the gold ornament
Chungath Double Benefit Scheme

As per this scheme, you have to pay the entire amount in advance and fix the rate and book the gold ornaments. To avail the benefit of proportionate bonus discounts you have to be in scheme for a minimum period of one month. This scheme allows you to buy the gold ornaments after a fixed period. You will get the bonus discounts as mentioned in the table below:

AmountDurationBonus Discount
One Lakh One Year Rs 7,250
One Lakh Two Years Rs 15,000

Please note that if you are buying gold ornaments as per this scheme, the price fluctuations in gold will not affect your purchase (increased or decreased). You will get your ornaments as per the booked rate.