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Necklaces, one of the oldest pieces of jewellery used by man, continues to be a stylish accessory. Goldsmiths all over the world have used various techniques to make this ornament contemporary and even more refined. After the Renaissance, diamond-jewellery designs in necklaces became the most exclusive feminine ornament. The contemporary woman prefers comparatively thin necklaces that highlight the ornament’s natural lustre and beauty.

At Chungath, our uncut-diamond jewellery necklace designs are well known for their refinement and elegance. The type and quality of diamonds used in our necklaces, besides the craftsmanship and styling, make our designs stand out in a crowded market.

If you plan to buy our diamond jewellery online, you will have a formidable range of diamond necklaces to choose from. The collection showcases pieces for every occasion and from the regular to the classic wear. All our diamond necklaces come with tags indicating price, place of origin, and quality. You can navigate our online portal with ease and make your choice — we guarantee you a happy and seamless experience as you choose your diamond.