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Diamonds are for everything

Diamonds are famous for its glamour and durability. But, research has discovered that the scope of its applications ranges from bionic eyes to solar power. It is believed that the first discovery of diamond was taken place at a stony riverbank somewhere in central India. Historical evidence shows that ancient India has the first documented use of diamonds in the form of uncut diamond jewelry.

Scientifically, diamonds are a naturally occurring mineral mainly composed of carbon. In diamonds carbon structured in a way that each carbon atom is surrounded by four other carbon atoms which interconnected by covalent bonds. This tightly-bounded structure gives diamonds the most durability compared to any other material in the earth. Because of the same reason diamond has an unchallenged role in the diamond jewellery designs.

Among the gemstones, diamonds are the most popular in the world. Compared to other gemstones, more money spent on diamonds because of its optical properties (how it reacts with light). Besides it, other factors such as fashion, custom, and marketing.

The reflection rate of a diamond is very high. It can absorb a high percentage of light and the same out of light it can return to the eye of the observer. Due to the same reason, diamond very popular in the Jewellery market. The quality of a diamond can be assessed mainly through its colour, cut, clarity, and carats While purchasing a diamond online, you must observer these diamond quality parameters!