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Diamond Wedding Bands

In this era where there is a different style of jewellery for every occasion and trends keep changing so often, your diamond wedding band is that one piece of jewellery that you will wear all your life, to every occasion. For the same reason, while choosing your wedding bands you must do so with thought and care.

The preferred type of wedding bands by the current generation is diamond wedding bands. With the influence of the west and Hollywood, proposing with a diamond ring has now become very common in India as well. Similarly so have the exchange of diamond wedding bands on the wedding day regardless of the religion or traditions of the couples. The diamond wedding bands are symbols of the love of the couple, which they proudly wear on their fingers.

Diamond wedding bands are available in simple round designs with diamonds engraved in them to more intricate designs with multiple diamonds set in them. The grandeur of the designs and the diamonds are also chosen by the couple. While some choose simple round designs for comfort and ease of wear considering they are to be worn all their lives, some choose much grander diamond wedding bands for her suiting her wedding dress or theme. While the men usually have minimalistic designs with a single or few diamonds set in them, the women’s diamond wedding band designs are much more complex.

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