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Fancy Gold Ring

It's your Wedding Day! From the trousseau to your hairdo — it got to be the best on the occasion. And your gold ring ought to be equally good, for the wedding ring has a lot of emotional value. So let it be a fancy gold ring — it is stylish, trendy, and attractive!

Though young couples are increasingly choosing other metals such as platinum and white gold for their wedding ring, gold rings continue to be popular. So couples also sport gold wedding rings embedded with diamonds. While the diamonds in the women’s rings tend to be grander, men’s precious stones are more subtle and minimalistic.

While trends in wedding ring for men have typically revolved around the classic round bands with minimalistic designs, women’s rings have move towards stone-studded eternity rings and vintage-style rings. The newest trend is that of stacked gold wedding bands, where women wear multiple rings one over the other producing a stylish look.