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Gold pendants are a must-have piece of jewellery for every woman. A simple and elegant pendant hanging from a beautiful chain is as pretty as any diamond necklace could ever be. A beautifully crafted pendant adds beauty to one’s attire and character. Gold pendants are also easily affordable and make for great gifts for your near and dear ones. For men, it’s the perfect choice to gift your special someone to celebrate a milestone. For the same reason, some pendants often hold a special emotional place in our hearts. Buying gold pendants online now is easy through our online store that offers you a wide range of gold pendants. Here are some tips for buying gold pendants online for your loved ones:

  • Make sure you buy precious jewellery on a credible website with a safe online payment gateway.
  • Closely observe what type of jewellery your loved ones usually wear or prefer.
  • Read the description of the product carefully. Look for the BIS916 hallmark symbol.
  • Make a note of its purity and weight. The rates per gram for 18k, 22k and 24k are different. So make sure you are paying the right rate.
  • Also read the return and cancellation process and the procedure to be followed in the case of a defective product.
  • Once the product arrives, make sure the product has the BIS916 marking and has no defects.

At Chungath, you are in safe hands. You can experience a smooth and safe shopping experience with us while you buy your favourite gold pendants online at our store. Check it out now.