White Gold

White Gold
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White gold is a common alternative to yellow gold, platinum or silver. The common white metals that form white gold alloy are palladium, rhodium, nickel, platinum and manganese. Some add copper, zinc and silver to make their white gold jewellery design works more attractive.

The colour and brightness of white gold depend upon its composition. The most available white gold jewellery ornaments set in the market are using rhodium metal for plating and finishing. Rhodium is very costly. It is ten times costlier than gold!

Generally, Rhodium is not considered as a right material to make jewellery because it is stressed & brittle. It is also very difficult to work properly for jewellery making. Further, its price is highly volatile. However, the material is fabulous as a plating material for Jewellery. It is glittering and dazzlingly nature making it as a most favoured material for white gold manufacturing.

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