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White-gold earrings present a woman with everything she needs as far as earrings go. With beautiful designs and delicate crafting, white-gold earrings are designed especially for the contemporary customer, the woman of today who sees seeks beauty in simplicity and elegance.

The white gold is an alloy of three-quarters gold and one-third nickel and zinc. These metals give it the whiteness that makes it the perfect vessel to carry precious stones in all its glory. White-gold earrings present an opulent look and anyone who has an eye for the finer things in life will most certainly appreciate the intricacies in the white-gold earring designs, be it white-gold hoop earrings or white-gold twisted hoop earrings or any other designs.

White-metal jewellery has gained popularity over gold among the youth and white-gold earrings are usually chosen to accompany western wear or corporate wear. It is also an inexpensive alternative to platinum. So if you want to gift earrings to someone who prefers white metal over yellow metal, white-gold earring is the more economical choice with prices starting from a few thousand rupees onwards. While shopping for white-gold earrings online, do check out our vast collection of the latest white-gold earring designs that come in an affordable price range.