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Pourvika - Traditional Kerala Necklaces

Our Pourvika collection truly reflects the tradition, diversity, and elegance of Kerala’s jewellery culture.  Our Palakka range such as palakka mala, palakka bangle, palakka pendant, and palakka earrings take you back to memories of our timeless heritage.

Kerala’s traditional ornament designs heavily influence all our Pourvika designs and patterns.  Pourvika patterns include all traditional ornaments such as Kasu Mala,Nagapada Thali, Karimani Mala, Mullamottu Mala, Manga Mala, Cheruthali, Kashi, Poothali, and Elekathali, among others.

The Pourvika range also includes different types of temple ornaments of Kerala, such as Vilakku Mala, Erukkumpoo Mala, Sarapoli Mala, Vilwadala Mala, and Mani Mala. Purity and some amazing craftsmanship, rendered in gold, make our Pourvika traditional collection stand out.