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Platinum rings are synonymous with love and commitment. Platinum is eternal. Like wine, as platinum ages, rather than losing its purity or finish, it develops a coating of lustrous patina that makes the jewellery glossier. Gifting a platinum ring with diamonds to your better half on a milestone occasion in your relationship would be a perfect way to express your pure eternal love for them that will never fade away, but only grow stronger. And this is why they are the most preferred metal for wedding bands.

A platinum ring also complements any look. While a grand and heavy ring can be used as party wear or for special occasions, a simple and delicate one could be worn with casual day to day clothes. Platinum rings can withstand a huge amount of wear and tear over years or decades and hence is the perfect choice for daily wear as well. And because of its pliability and resistance to damage they are perfect to carry diamonds, since you will never risk losing the stones.

Platinum being five times rarer than gold and pricier too, has made itself a symbol of the elite and the classy as well. However we at Chungath have a large variety of platinum rings online for both men and women and also platinum ring for couples, ranging over prices so that you can express your love to your special ones with a beautiful platinum ring with diamonds, without having to have a second thought.