Gold Savings Scheme

Swarna Sampathya Yojana is a popular gold saving scheme by installment
payment programme, ideally suited for monthly salaried families.

Every time the installment amount is deposited, it is credited in the scheme account.

On successful completion of the installments, gold ornaments worth the accumulated amount is given to the customer with special discounts on making charge.

To facilitate easy payment of installments, we have launched android application, which can be downloaded from play-store. Apple/I phone version will be released soon !

Payments can be effected through debit/credit cards/net-banking/wallet payment/UPI .

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Terms & conditions of "Chungath Swarna Sampathya Yojana"

1) This scheme is known as Chungath Jewelery "Chungath Swarna Sampathya Yojana" (hereinafter referred to only as Scheme). This is a scheme designed to buy gold jewellery by monthly payments.This is not a lottery or interest-bearing investment plan. The scheme does not include slogan competition or lottery.

2) Only those above 18 years of age can join this scheme. Members are required to provide a copy of their identity Card (Adhaar Card) at the time of joining the scheme.

3) You can opt to pay minimum of Rs.500 per month or its multiples. Accordingly, the amount paid as installments will  deposited in your scheme account. Upon joining the scheme, each member receives a "Chungath jewellery" membership card. You will need to bring your membership card with you. Every time you pay at our counter and make sure that each time is accurately entered on the card.

4) Monthly payments can be made in the form of cash / credit  card / debit card at our stores or by using our mobile application. Cheques/DD are not accepted.

5) The term of this scheme is 11 months.

6) Upon maturity of the scheme, jewellery [Kerala jewellery (without stones) as well as any jewellery with an estimate making charge of upto 18%] can be bought for  the total amount in your account at the gold price on the day of purchase day (without jewellery making charge.)

7) The price and tax of the stone will be charged in addition to the applicable rate. For certain types of jewelery with higher making charges (eg: Singapore, Antique, Traditional, Sairandhri, Calcutta etc) the extra making charge has to be paid.

8) Committed Installment amount must be paid monthly on or before the scheme joining date.

9) Scheme members can pay more than committed amount, multiple times, till 5th installment. Afterwards, it is not possible to pay more than the average amount of the first 5 installments from the sixth installment.

10) The total amount invested in a scheme in a financial year should not exceed Rs 1.70 lakh.

11) It is not possible to terminate the scheme before the expiry date. Schemes that has no regular remittance will have to pay making charges for buying jewellery.

12) Jewellery must be purchased within 20 days after maturity of the scheme. Otherwise, on 21st day, scheme will be closed and will be transferred to the booking order in the name of the customer according to the current gold price

13) Cash refund is not included in this scheme. In any special case, when the amount paid is to be returned as cheque, no interest or other additional benefits are received.

14) During the closure of the scheme, the members have to produce the original  identity card submitted at the time of joining the scheme. The person who had signing the application form should come directly to buy the jewellery. In case the signatory member is unable to attend due to any reason, the jewellery can be purchased in person by the nominee mentioned in the application form as per the terms and conditions of the "Chungath jewellery".

15) This scheme may not be availed along with any special offers and discount offers.

16) Through this scheme, you can get gold jewelery only from the branch where you joined & paid.

17) There are no agents to collect money.

18) The terms and conditions of this scheme is subjected to change from time to time according  to the legal provisions & change in rules of the Management / State / Central Government of India. All complaints regarding this scheme will be under the jurisdiction of Ernakulam / Kollam.