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Diamond Engagement Rings

The engagement day! One of the beautiful moment in your life! A symbol of love blending with a commitment which may span generations!  A well-crafted diamond engagement ring is the ideal ornament to celebrate the occasion! And of course, it is the best suit for your finance’s finger! You can also consider buying your diamond engagement ring online as many Jewellery showrooms are providing online shopping facilities with discounts!


Exchanging rings as a sign of betrothal is not a new practice.  In the ancient Rome, swapping modest betrothal rings of iron were quite common. In the later period, Romans changed the metal to gold from Iron. In the 12th century, the then Pope Innocent III laid down new ground rules for weddings such as weddings had to take place in a church, the bride had to receive a ring and couples had to observe a new waiting period between their betrothal and marriage. The new rules further enhanced the popularity of wedding rings!  Though engagement rings have been there for centuries, a diamonds engagement ring for women was very rare.  In the beginning of 19th century when miners began discovering huge mines of diamonds in South Africa, diamonds have become a common commodity in the world market.

Nowadays, engagement rings have become symbols of love and richness. As diamonds are rare and valuable and are essential signs of esteem, diamond engagement rings have become a status symbol as well.  More and more art and craft entered into the making of diamond ornaments. In the 20th century, uncut diamond engagement rings have also become very popular in the wedding market.