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Platinum–Your Best Friend!

Platinum, the rarest precious metal, is the best choice for expressing your love to someone. Like the metal, let your love too last a lifetime! For the past few years, platinum jewellery designs are increasingly becoming popular in the Indian Jewellery market. The metal provides the most secure setting for diamond and other precious stones. Because of its naturally white colour, platinum will not cast any colour into diamonds.

Similarly, over 95% pure platinum is used in Jewellery so that it will not tarnish or fade. Due to it is hypoallergenic character, the metal is also ideal for sensitive skin. A platinum Jewellery is very exclusive and it is a statement of your individuality. Nowadays, a wide range platinum jewelries are available for men.

Do you know, the metal is 30 time more rare than gold! The unusual pliability of platinum allows the metal to drawn out to a fine wire. So that, it enables the creation of very complicated designs. None of the other precious metals did not provide this flexibility. In the online shopping market, platinum jewelries are the talks of the town.

The industrial use of platinum is very wide. It is used as a catalytic converter in the automotive industry to pacemakers in the healthcare sector. It can also be used in the human body without getting affected by oxidizing reactions in the blood.