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Amazing White Gold Engagement Rings

In the world of jewellery, although white gold has been a relatively new invention, it has emerged as one of the most popular metals for engagement rings. White-gold engagement ring sets offer a great mix of beauty, toughness, and value. Some white-gold designs like the 18-carat white-gold solitaire engagement rings with a unique twist design offer a stunning visual experience.

White-gold gets its silvery white character from a combination of yellow gold with other metals such as copper, zinc, and nickel or palladium. For plating the white gold, a hard element called rhodium is used.

White gold resists scratches and tarnishing and gives off a reflective appearance. Some contemporary white-gold engagement ring designs for women are stunning!

Generally, white-gold rings are available at 14K (58.5% gold content) or 18K (75% gold content) rings. In some countries such as the US, white-gold men’s wedding bands have become popular because of its elegance and designs.